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A Teacher to the Stars!

For many years Peter Falk had harbored a secret desire to be an actor, but he had been too embarrassed to admit it. He had dabbled in amateur productions, but his romantic fantasy of a career in theatre Peter Falkand his fear of failure had always stopped him. He had been holding down a mundane job as an efficiency expert in Hartford, Connecticut, but when he learned LeG was going to conduct acting classes, he knew he had to enroll. "I lied and went to the course. I was supposed to be a professional actor but went anyway. I wanted to be in proximity to other professionals."

Rather than take a two-week vacation during that summer, Falk convinced his employer to let him miss one day a week for the entire summer. Because of the drive, he was always arriving for class a few minutes late. One day, LeG's patience boiled over. "Mr. Falk," she barked as he entered the theatre, "why are you always late? An actor must learn discipline." "I have to drive here each time from Hartford," he explained.

"From Hartford! What acting job can you possibly have in Hartford" she challenged. When he finally admitted in front of the class that he did not have an acting job and that he was not a professional actor, LeG stared him in the eye and said very pointedly "You should be!" Before that day ended, Falk drove back to Hartford and quit his job. "No one else but her could have done it. Only a few words from her mouth meant more to me than anything." In ending his letter of thanks he offers, "My very, very best and love from an old student to the lady who changed his life."

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Eva's achievments during the 10 years of running the Civic Repertory Theatre were amazing (1926-1936):

  • Won a Pulitzer Prize for her production of Alison's House by Susan Glaspell.

  • Produced 37 plays in rep, in 10 years

  • Shows played to 94% capacity

  • Heralded in Time, Nation and American Theatre magazines

  • Directed the New York premiere of Three Sisters

  • Revived many classics:

    Cherry Orchard
    In Cherry Orchard, 1944
    with Lois Hall

            5 Ibsen
            2 Shakespeare
            1 Moliere
            4 Chekhov
            1 Rostand

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